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Berlin: Aquarium at the Radisson Blu Hotel is broken

1,500 dead fish, flooded roads

The giant aquarium at the Berlin Hotel exploded

Was it tired? A 16-meter-high aquarium at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. Water and fish flood the hallway and seep into the street. Most of the fish are already dead, and there are hundreds of emergency services on site.


A glass cylinder 16 meters high: this is what the jewel of the Dom Aquarium Hotel in Berlin looked like before the explosion.


Jenny WagnerEditor’s news

The huge cylindrical aquarium “Dom Aquaree” at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin was 16 meters high. It was “the largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium in the world,” says the website. On Friday morning at about 5.43am it exploded, setting off a massive operation. The glass shattered into a thousand pieces – 1,500 fish and a million liters of water poured out onto the street in front of the hotel. Police said two people were injured by the broken glass. “This is a big disaster for the fish and the hotel,” said a politician who stayed at the hotel.

A video was shared on Twitter showing the scale of the devastation. There are broken pieces all over the hotel lobby, and almost nothing left of the aquarium. Water still flows out of the holes. Parts of the facade of the hotel where the aquarium is located have flown out into the street. “It’s not a small crack leaking water, but the whole water basin suddenly burst,” says a spokesperson for the fire brigade.