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Berlin and Munich: united in a transatlantic attack - towards Germany too

Berlin and Munich: united in a transatlantic attack – towards Germany too

The American airline is adding new flights to Berlin and Munich to its program. Overall, United are planning a record expansion across the North Atlantic.

The USA remains closed to a large proportion of foreign travelers. Persons who have been vaccinated from the Schengen area are still unable to enter. but the President Joe Biden’s administration opens in November announced.

This gives United Airlines courage. The airline announced the largest expansion of a transatlantic route in its history. Not only will the routes abandoned during the pandemic be resumed, but ten new routes and five new destinations will also be added.

BER has been waiting for this for a long time

There are also updates in Germany: from May 7, 2022, the American airline will fly daily from Berlin to Washington, DC. From April 24, 2022 it will also serve Munich-Denver daily. United has seasonal flights to Berlin and year-round to Denver.

Connection between German and American capitals has always been desirable at Berlin Airport. From 24 April 2022, United will also double the frequency on the route from Frankfurt to New York from one to two flights per day.

Back from Zurich to Chicago

United will also travel to Amman in Jordan, Bergen in Norway, the Azores, Mallorca and Tenerife. No other airline from the US flies to these destinations yet. Dublin, Milan, and Rome have also been added as new US destinations.

The seven routes suspended during the pandemic will resume: Bangalore, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Haneda and Nice. United is expanding again in Switzerland. From April 24, 2022, there will again be a daily flight between Zurich and Chicago.