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Benissimo: Helen Fisher and DJ Bobo come to Benny Thornhair

Benny Thornhair welcomes the Queen of Schlager

Helen Fisher comes to “Benissimo”

Beni Thornhair presents “Benissimo” for the first time since 2012. In addition to DJ Bobo, his guests will be joined by Queen Helen Fisher.


Helen Fisher will appear in “Benissimo”.

Revival of the big show in Leutschenbach! On December 1, 2012, the program “Benissimo” with Benny Thornhir (73) was broadcast for the last time on the SRF channel, and on October 15, 2022, Swiss television will return the program to the screen for broadcast. The broadcaster has now announced the first details about the comeback, including the appearance of the most successful singer in Europe.

Helen Fisher (38) will appear on The Benny Thornhair Show, as reported by SRF Now. Almost a knight on the show, because the successful Queen is dropping out of the show this year. In March, she was on stage at Snowpenair in Grindelwald BE, and in August she gave a sunken party in front of 130,000 people in Munich (D). In 2022, she was seen only on television in the program “Das Große Schlagercomeback” by Florian Silberisen (40). For 30 minutes she sang her songs there at prime time. It wouldn’t take long for Thurnheer, as SRF reports. The “Breathless” singer will have her current single with her.