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Bendrit Bajra enters Kosovo in a luxury Mercedes

Bendrit Bajra enters Kosovo in a luxury Mercedes

“V8 forever!” Neither Greta Thunberg nor Serbian police can stop internet comedian Benedrit Bajra, 26, on his car trip to Kosovo.

The basics in brief

  • Bendrit Bajra covers about 1,700 kilometers in his luxury Mercedes.
  • The 26-year-old is traveling from Switzerland to Kosovo.

For a long time, there was calm around Bendrit Bajra (26) – now in the works Internet comic return. and take us Instagram With him on his holiday trip to Kosovo. About 1,700 kilometers in the driver’s seat? no problem in Car lovers!

On his planned 17-hour trip to Kosovo, Benedret is able to unload his lead foot. On occasion, he would sprint through Germany at 190 something. Of course, as a car geek, he’s only marginally interested in his emissions. “V8 forever, F*** you Greta, hello,” he writes in his Instastory.

The comedian travels a little slower in Slovenia (about 150 km / h). In the shot in Croatia, the speedometer goes back to 180 something. and in Serbia Then there Good job again. In the rear-view mirror, Benedrett films the police driving behind him with flashing blue lights.

Did I overdo it with the frenzy? It is not yet known if law enforcement officers sounded the siren because of Swiss-Albanian dual citizenship. However, after a short time, the Mercedes flew again highwayin the background there is a file Sunrise to see.

Later another fuel stop (“Durstig, de Bre”), Bendrit reached its destination. On his arrival in Kosovo, he happily wrote “Home” with a red heart hanging behind him.

The car geek clearly did not allow himself to rest. Because: At the start of the flight, the navigation system shows 11 am as the arrival time. In Kosovo it is already 7.30 in the morning – it seems that someone is comfortable in his car.

Are you also obsessed with cars?

No wonder: after all, Bendrett only bought a Mercedes E63S AMG three years ago – For 120,000 Stutz. “Payment was made in cash,” he explained to at the time.

Later, he replaced his “baby” with a similar model with ceramic brakes so he could race. Or to swell from Switzerland to Kosovo in record time.

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