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Bend Studio recycles items for the game's new IP

Bend Studio recycles items for the game’s new IP

Days Gone 2 won’t be around any time soon. To do this, Bend Studios recycles some items from the game.

The basics in brief

  • Bend Studio is currently working on a brand new game.
  • According to Hermann Holst, items from Days Gone are used for this.
  • There may be news about the new address in a few days.

after this PC release It was obvious that Days Gone Not so fast A successor is obtained. It was also clear over a year ago that developer Bend Studio is already in the works Brand new game Works.

This title appears to be inheriting some elements of Days Gone. Hermann Holst, President Play Stationstudios from Sony, they did about it in the official Play StationTalk about a blog.

In the interview, he told, among other things, that the new title is based on open-world systems programmed for Days Gone. In general, Hulst is satisfied with the project: “I am very happy for Bend Studio.”

There are still few details about the new game. It seems now clear that it’s an open world title as well.

There may be news at the Summer Games Festival from June 9-11.

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