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Ben van Beurden, President of Shell: Gas shortages will continue for several winters

Head Shell warns

The gas shortage in Europe will continue for several winters

Europe is hoping for a mild winter so it can better deal with the loss of Russian gas. But this winter is not over yet: the shortage will continue for years. The heads of two multinational oil companies warn of this.


And Ben van Beurden, president of Shell, warns that the gas shortage will not end in the spring either.

Europe trembles before next winter – but the problem of impending gas shortages will by no means be resolved next spring. Ben van Beurden, 64, chief executive of Shell Energy, warns against this. “I don’t think this crisis will be limited to just one winter,” Van Beurden said at a news conference in Norway on Monday. “We may have a series of winters where we somehow have to find solutions through efficiency, through rationing and through a very rapid accumulation of possible alternatives, such as alternative gas imports and alternative energy sources.”

Van Beurden considers a quick fix to the energy crisis an “illusion”. Moreover: “If there were no more supplies of Russian gas, life would be very difficult.” The European Union is seeking to achieve the goal of complete independence from Russian gas within five years.