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Bella's daughter shows off her new hairstyle when she visits Africa!

Bella’s daughter shows off her new hairstyle when she visits Africa!

Princess Charlene can finally hold her children in her arms again. The twins are on a visit to Africa with Papa Albert. Little Gabriella is the focus.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene has been stuck in South Africa since March.
  • Albert and the children now come to visit them from Monaco.
  • Daughter Gabriella stands out with a new hairstyle.

Finally, the time has come: Princess Charlene of Monaco (43) She can hug her lover again!

It has been in place since March Prince Albert’s wife (63) Stuck in South Africa due to illness. For a long time, she only saw her two children, Gabriella and Jack (6 years old) via videophone. “I miss her so badly,” the 43-year-old recently complained.

Now the longing is over. Albert and twins He flew to South Africa to calm the ex-athlete Donates. “I am so happy to have my family with me again,” Charlene said enthusiastically under the sweet family photos.

Princess Charlene: ‘I tried to save her’

But what happened to Gabriella’s hair? subordinate mini– Royal interesting new hairstyle while visiting Africa…

Did you also have interesting hairstyles when you were a kid?

“Gabriella decided to give herself a new hairstyle,” explains Charlene. And he laughs, “I’m sorry Bella, I did my best to save her.”

Did the impudent princely daughter copy her mother’s haircut? twice Mother Cause a sensation with short hair and shaved sides.

When Princess Charlene returns to Monaco she is in the stars. According to the latest information, you will stay until October at least in Africa.

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