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Beijing men's hockey - Finland, Sweden and the United States in the quarter-finals - Canada not yet - Sports

Beijing men’s hockey – Finland, Sweden and the United States in the quarter-finals – Canada not yet – Sports

Group C: Finland 4-3 Sweden after the match

The first match in Group C between Finland and Sweden entered into overtime, and ended with a perfect score for the participating teams. Both qualified directly for the quarter-finals, the Finns were top of the group thanks to their 4-3 win and the Swedes as the best runners-up with seven points. SCL Tigers’ Harry Pessonen scored the winning goal after just 62 minutes for the Finns, who had previously lost 3-0 after three Swedish goals in strong play and were able to catch up in the latter division.

Group C: Slovakia 5-2 Latvia

Slovakia finished third in Group C with a 5-2 victory over Latvia. Lausanne striker Ronald Kennes was worried that Latvia tied 1-1 in the 16th minute. But in the middle third, the Slovaks moved away with two goals and did not allow this advantage to be withdrawn.

Group A: USA 3-2 Germany

After their successes over China and Canada, the United States also won their third preliminary round match and secured a direct ticket to the quarter-finals thanks to a 3-2 victory over Germany. The finalist from Pyeongchang took a 1-0 lead after just two minutes through Patrick Hager. After that, the candidates from the United States dominated the match. Nathan Smith’s 3-1 lead in the 43rd minute made the decisive difference at the end. Although Tom Kunkel’s 58th-minute goal kicked off an exciting final stage, Berne’s Dominic Cahoun was also unable to level the score again.

Group A: China 0-5 Canada

Despite winning undisputedly at the end of the group stage, Canada missed going straight to the quarter-finals. Six points is not enough for a maple leaf. The match against the host without a chance was already decided after 10 minutes and Eric Odell 3-0. In the qualifying quarter-final match, the confrontation will be repeated on Tuesday.