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Beginning Dog Days – Are They Getting Hot?  – weather

Beginning Dog Days – Are They Getting Hot? – weather


The so-called dog days began on Sunday. It lasts from July 23 to August 23 and is generally considered the warmest part of the year. This year, however, they may have a hard time living up to their reputation. The annual height is already 37.6 degrees.

Half of Europe complains about the sweltering heat, and the so-called dog days are still to come. They last for exactly one month from today, Sunday, to August 23 and are considered the time of the highest temperatures. If you look into the Swiss weather books, you’ll find that Dog Days live up to their claims. Since the turn of the century, the hottest day of the year has been recorded 14 times during the dog days. The national high has been measured 10 times before July 23. After the dog days, no annual rise has been recorded, at least not in the 21st century.


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Dog days often bring sunny and hot weather.

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The bar is high

Dog days are in for a rough time this year. Since July 11, the 2023 maximum temperature in Switzerland has been 37.6 degrees, measured in Chur. So it seems unlikely that this value can be exceeded. However: nothing is impossible. Last year the maximum temperature at the same time was 38.1 degrees. However, during the dog days, a value of 38.3 degrees was reached. Even in the hot summer of 2003, the temperatures in July were not exceptional, followed in the first half of August by a heat wave the likes of which Switzerland had not experienced before.

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Chur temperature record

The annual high is 37.6 degrees and dates back to July 11, measured at Chur.


What awaits us now?

In the coming days it won’t be hot anymore. Early Monday, fault zones are reaching us again and again, and through Wednesday, the area will remain unsettled to the north. The temperatures drop dramatically. The maximum temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday are only 20 degrees. After that, temperatures will hover around 25 degrees. In the south, too, there will be no heat until at least the end of the month. Maximum values ​​are usually around 28 degrees.