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Before the World Cup final - Argentina is already the "world champion" - sport

Before the World Cup final – Argentina is already the “world champion” – sport


Sunday’s World Cup final is a duel between two “defending champions” – at least according to the numbers game.


Messi & Co. has already won this year’s title

The Argentine national team, as South American champions, beat European champions Italy 3-0 in June and lifted the “Finalissima” trophy.

Imago / Xinhua

After his final victory over France, Argentine superstar Lionel Messi wants to finally make himself immortal on Sunday. He’s already been the world champion since the semi-final victory over Croatia – according to Unofficial Football World Championship (UFWC).

derived from boxing

The “unofficial FIFA World Cup” is a concept developed by Englishman Paul Brown, which counts the current “world champion” in a knockout system (similar to boxing). If the current “title holder” loses a game – regardless of whether it is a competition game or a test game – the title goes to the victor. In the event of a tie, the “world championship belt” remains with the current title holder.

“Unification Struggle”

Since June 10 and Denmark’s 1-0 win in the Nations League, Croatia has held this virtual title. With the Croats defeated 3-0 in the World Cup semi-finals in Qatar by Argentina, the ‘Albiceleste’ ascended to the throne – and now in a true ‘battle of reunification’ on Sunday, they meet current world champions France. .

Switzerland is already a seven-time “world champion”.

Thus the UFWC system enables rapid succession of “world champions”. And so it is not surprising that Switzerland is also the world champion. To be exact, seven times.

The last time representatives of SFV won the title with Alan Sutter & Co.’s glorious 4:1 victory over Romania at the 1994 World Cup in the USA – only to lose it again four days later with a 0:2 against Colombia.

The other six stages with Switzerland as ‘world champions’ were a little longer ago: in 1970 for six months and in 1945/46, 1942/43, 1941 and 1939/40 the Swiss could have felt like world champions, but the idea of The UFWC did not mature until 2003. After all, it should be noted that the Swiss successfully defended their “title” in a total of 7 matches.