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Before the Ukraine-Zona Rossa summit: Lugano is in a state of emergency - News

Before the Ukraine-Zona Rossa summit: Lugano is in a state of emergency – News


The Ukraine conference, initiated by Switzerland, begins on Monday. The city by the lake is ready for it.

Since noon on Sunday called Zona Rossa. The exclusion zone applies to the convention center – where the meeting takes place, the city park and some streets around this area.


Safety system in Lugano

Red: restricted area | Orange: Safe Zone | Blue: area with access control.


Big names are missing, but heads of state, ministers and organizations from all over the world come together. In the afternoon, Federal President Ignacio Kasis received Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal at Agno Airport. Shmihal heads an official delegation of more than 60 people, including seven ministers.

Men in front of the airport building.


Federal President Ignazio Cassis (left) and Lugano Mayor Michel Foletti (right) take Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyal (second from left), Parliament Speaker Ruslan Stevanchuk and Ukrainian Ambassador to Switzerland, Artem, at the airport in Ticino Rybtschenko (second from right), at the reception.

stone key

More than a thousand people are expected to attend, including Cassis, Federal Chancellor Simonetta Sommaruga and National Assembly Speaker Irene Kalin. Among the foreign participants are EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and several heads of government.

Safety is everything

Security measures in contrast are enormous. A battalion of several hundred police officers and up to 1,600 members of the army secures the international conference in Lugano.

Pole paddle on a boat in the lake.


Police are patrolling Lake Lugano.


The leads meet at the operations center in Bellinzona. Airspace, sea and access roads are monitored from here. “This is where the information comes in. We have video cameras in many places that provide material from different sources,” explains Lorenzo Hutter, deputy chief of police for the canton of Ticino. The information will be processed, summarized, and then shared with field workers.

The scenarios for which the security forces are prepared are varied, with General Lucas Kadoff of the Swiss army saying: “We are preparing for the following scenarios: disturbances, including small acts of sabotage, as well as disturbances in the Internet and cyberspace.” According to Kadoff, all of these tasks are prioritized to ensure the security of the conference.

Anger and understanding between Luganese

Although security forces are everywhere on a sunny Sunday near Lago di Lugano: few civilians are not deterred by anti-aircraft guns and are looking forward to the lull at 35 degrees. But most Lugano residents avoid the center. And this is also felt by those who sell their goods near the lake on a warm weekend: “It’s like a siege. I have a socket, but no one comes, no one pays me anything. “

And a woman who is also upset: “The intention is good, as for us it is a nuisance whether on foot or by car.” But she also acknowledges the need to ensure security, because: “Something has to happen. It’s good that politicians meet here and find solutions.”