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Before the first meeting with Biden: Truss destroys hopes of concluding a trade agreement with the United States

Before the first meeting with Biden: Truss destroys hopes of concluding a trade agreement with the United States

Before the first meeting with Biden
Truss dashes hopes for US trade deal

The Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Great Britain is still pending. The reason is the differences over the Northern Ireland agreement with the European Union. Shortly before her first visit to the United States, new British Prime Minister Liz Truss sees no chance of early negotiations.

Great Britain is burying its hopes of a free trade agreement with the United States right now. “There are no negotiations currently with the United States and I do not expect them to start in the short to medium term,” new Prime Minister Liz Truss told reporters on the plane to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. British government departments said the talks were not expected to start for years.

According to commentators, Truss’s remarks are intended to prevent her first meeting with US President Joe Biden from being seen as a failure. Truss has repeatedly announced that he will change or cancel a unilateral agreement with the European Union on Northern Ireland’s Brexit rules. Biden, who is of Irish descent, has repeatedly criticized the plan and threatened that if it did, a free trade agreement would be out of reach. Truss tried to downplay a deal with the United States. The head of government said that trade agreements with India and Arab countries and accession to the Pacific Trade Agreement (CPTTP) are priority.

Brexit advocates campaigned to leave the European Union on the grounds that Great Britain would then be able to conclude a bilateral trade agreement with the USA more easily. Brexit and the Northern Ireland dispute are also likely to be the focus of bilateral meetings between the new prime minister, French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Truss pledged to continue providing assistance to Ukraine

The Truss of Ukraine also promised to continue British support. Next year, it pledged at least 2.3 billion pounds (2.6 billion euros) in military aid. You will reach the same amount at least as this year. The government in London said the exact details should be worked out “based on the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces”. The aid may have included several rocket launchers, among other things.

“My message to the people of Ukraine is that the UK will continue to stand behind you at every step. Your safety is our safety,” Truss said, according to the statement. “Ukraine’s victories over the past few weeks have been inspiring. Time and time again, these brave people have defied skeptics and shown what is possible when they get the military, economic and political support they need.”

Britain says it has so far delivered to Ukraine hundreds of missiles, 5 anti-aircraft systems, 120 armored vehicles and more than 200,000 pieces of equipment such as night vision goggles. In addition, a total of 27,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained since 2015.