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Before the court ruling: The abortion law failed in the US Senate

Before the court ruling: The abortion law failed in the US Senate

Status: 05/12/2022 02:35 am

As expected, the U.S. Senate Democrats failed in their attempt to defend the right to abortion with federal law. Republicans used the old House tactic to block the vote.

As expected, a draft law passed by Democrats in the U.S. Senate stated that the law would include the right to abortion at the federal level. The Chamber of Congress voted 51 to 49 on Wednesday.

Chuck Schumer, the Democrats’ majority leader, was forced to vote despite the expected defeat. In September, the House of Representatives passed a bill with almost identical content to the Senate bill.

Fundamental rights are expected to be revoked in the coming weeks

In Washington, it is expected that the Supreme Court will overturn the earlier rules in the coming weeks because of the perforated draft ruling. Based on the 1973 “Row v. Wade” judgment, it recognizes the nationwide right to abortion.

If that decision is reversed, the individual states will be liable for the law. Many conservative-ruled states Abortion should be prevented as much as possible. According to surveys, the majority of U.S. citizens support maintaining the current legal status.

There is no federal law in the United States that allows or prohibits abortion. However, abortion is allowed at least as long as possible – today at 24 weeks.

Well known Democratic trembling candidate

Using a rule of more than 100 years known as the Philippester, the Senate Republicans prevented a vote on the bill. For many bills, the rule states that 60 out of 100 senators must agree to end the debate before the vote.

The US Democrats have the lowest majority in the Senate. But that did not stop there: all Republicans voted against the outcome of the debate. Joe Manzin of the Democrats joined them by 51 to 49 votes. Mansin has already blocked a number of reform plans by US President Joe Biden in the past.

Biden appeals to voters

Republicans in Congress will block Americans’ right to make more personal decisions about their own bodies, families and lives, Biden said.

He urged voters to consider this in the upcoming congressional elections in November. “If they do, Congress will pass this law in January and I can put it on my desk to sign,” Biden said.