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Before the biggest stigma since 1992 - is Lugano actually "unbreakable"?

Before the biggest stigma since 1992 – is Lugano actually “unbreakable”?

Lugano coach Serge Pelletier doesn’t seem to have found the cure against the Lakers yet. Photo: Cornerstone

Ismester Zag

Before the biggest stigma since 1992 – is Lugano actually “unbreakable”?

The Lakers have less money but more brains, less talent but bigger hearts, better goalkeeper and more consistent coach than Lugano. They led 3-1 in the quarter-final against Lugano. The feeling is close.

The Lakers have yet to reach the semi-finals. They still have to win the first semi-finals since 2006, then under coach Bill Gilligan.

With three wins in a row, Lugano can still avoid what may be the biggest stigma since the quarter-final failure against ZSC in the spring of 1992. Titan stumbles. But he hasn’t fallen out yet.

Would the series have gone differently so far with the goalkeeper swaps – Melvin Neville in Lugano and Niklas Schlegel in the Lakers’ In-Box?

maybe yes. But this is not entirely certain. Niklas Schlegel wasn’t great yesterday, but at least he was a good goalkeeper and innocent from a 3-1 defeat. Even if he was statistically the weakest goalkeeper in these qualifiers until yesterday’s match in Rapperswil-Jona (now Guteron’s Reto Pera) – the goalkeeper’s argument would be cheap.

The problem: Only a great goalkeeper can win this Lugano. It’s not enough to have a good goalkeeper.

Which brings us to passion, to bigger hearts: Niklas Schlegel’s men in the lead look extremely passive in 1: 3 Monday through the final third. You seem a little out of design. As if the energy tanks were already stored. You don’t seem to be on a mission for too long. Much like a run-off at the end of a busy season. In the end, a little bit of drama is enough. But it is no longer compensated.

So there is no simple shortage of a goalkeeper. That would be very easy.

There is little lost in the back and front in Lugano. Obviously, it takes someone to ignite the flame of passion from the start, giving guys a few legs all over the place. Even those who are gifted with a lot of talents.

Friendly man Serge Pelletier was unable to permanently pull his men out of their comfort zone in the qualifiers. Perhaps that is why he is so popular. Friendly coaches who are popular with players don’t go far behind in the qualifiers.

Could Lugano fire the coach to prevent elimination on Wednesday? Because it is the only scale left? Serge Pelletier’s contract expires anyway, and sporting director Hannat Domenicelli could take over at short notice.

He was sitting in the stands yesterday, busy taking notes on the whiteboard. Either he passes the knowledge he put on paper to his coach as helpful tips for preparing for Wednesday’s match. Or kick him out. “No, I will not do that,” says the able sports director in Lugano. Not even when President Vicky Mantegaza asks him to? “Nobody is asking me to fire the coach. We will see a big match on Wednesday. ”His wish, God willing.

Maybe an unconventional impulse variant will help: Ask Chris McSurley, the charismatic Canadian famous for being a truly “tough dog”:

Can we once again warm up the rumor that you will be coach at Lugano next season?
How did you come up with this idea?

Because such a rumor will motivate players: if you put in the effort and continue to reach the semi-finals or even the final, it may be possible in the end that Serge Pelletier will remain and you will not become the new coach after that. season.
No, please don’t do that.

Chris McSurley. Photo: Cornerstone

why not?
It would be disrespectful to Lugano and Serge Pelletier. He led the team to second place and is doing a great job.

May Serge Peletier help!
No, don’t do that Rumors. I have nothing to do with it.

If you have nothing to do with it, it doesn’t matter if these rumors are renewed.
Look at it this way: Lugano has no coach under contract for next season. You might reduce my chances if I wanted to apply for a job. Fun Aside: this rumor is disrespectful.

Well let’s just leave it.

Since the last title in 2006 – Larry Horace was replaced by Harold Chris after trailing 2-0 in the quarter-finals against Ambry – rumors about the coach had belonged to Lugano like the chime of Alpine descent.

Since then, bosses have taken on the cabin door handle: Ivano Zanata, Kent Ronk, John Slateful, Hanno Verta, Kenta Johansson, Philip Bozone, again Larry Horace, Patrick Fisher, Christian Woolwind, Hanna Dominicelli, Sandro Bertagia, Doug Scheiden, Mike McNamara Twice Greg Ireland and Sami Cabanen. Now Serge Peletier is in the gang. 16 coaches in 15 years. Some of them were with the gang for only a few days.

This look at history shows that in Lugano it might not always be up to the coach. Perhaps because of the performance culture. Discontinuity.

The fact that the Lakers became the surprising team this season has to do with this culture of performance and continuity.

Even with the Lakers, the gang came and went like a dove after the semifinals in 2006. Carrie Eloranta, Morgan Samuelson, Dave Chambers, Raymo Somanin, John Slatefull, Christian Weber, Igor Pavlovs, Harry Rogenmosser, Anders Eldbrink and Michael Zeter. Nine coaches in the ten years from 2006 to 2015. This is how the “wretched” Lakers have become.

I the summer In 2015, Jeff Tomlinson took over the coaching position after the club’s first relegation and transformed “miserable” into “respectable” in six years. However, his contract was no longer renewed.

If Lugano fails because of the Lakers, we can argue and ask: Is Lugano actually unsolvable? Do players have a lot of power? Was the often-spoiled Roland Hapsrottinger the best sporting director out of his successor, Hanat Domenicelli?

Lugano can still reach the semi-finals. This would be almost (but not entirely) a masterful turnaround as it did in 2006 in the quarter-finals after a 0-3 deficit in front of Ambry (4: 3am, 0: 3, 4: 5, 5: 4am, 2: 1, 5: 2, 5: 1) or as in 2003 in the final match after Davos led 2-0 (2: 3, 2: 3, 5: 3, 4: 3, 3: 0, 4: 0).

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