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Before CDU -

Before CDU –

It couldn’t be any closer: Three good months before the lower house elections in Berlin, the Greens remain the strongest force, according to a survey, but just barely ahead of the CDU. If a new House of Representatives is elected on Sunday, the Christian Democrats and their top candidate, Kai Wegener, would get 21 percent, while the Greens would get 22 percent for Bettina Garach. This stems from the new “Berlin Trend” published on Wednesday, a representative survey conducted by the Infratest dimap on behalf of RBB-Abendschau and “Berliner Morgenpost”.

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The Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen logo is on display at the party.

Compared to the previous survey in April, the Greens receive five percentage points less. On the other hand, CDU got three points. In third place, SPD was unchanged at 17 percent.

The left would reach 12 percent (-2 points), well below its result in the 2016 parliamentary elections, when it reached 15.6 percent and ended up ahead of the Greens (15.2 percent). Thus, the current government coalition, Red, Red, and Green, would have a 51 percent approval rating. This is significantly more than green and black at 43 percent, but also clearly below the values ​​of the last few months. CDU, FDP, and SPD together would get 47 percent and CDU and SPD just 38 percent.

In the poll, the AfD in Berlin and its new state head Christine Brinker sank 10% (+1) and the FDP at 9 (+2). The Liberals have increased significantly compared to previous opinion polls.

When it comes to political figures, despite the issue surrounding their thesis on top SPD candidate Franziska Givi, 45 percent said they are satisfied with their political work. This is 4 points more than what was in the survey in April. However, 40 percent also said they were less or not at all satisfied with Jeffy’s performance as a politician – also 4 points more. The Free University rescinded Jeffrey’s doctorate last week and declared it had been obtained by “deceiving the independence of her academic achievements”. “Apparently, opinions differ in the electorate about the person Jeffrey and the way they handled his doctoral thesis,” concluded the Berliner Morgenpost.

The top left-wing candidate and senator for culture, Klaus Lederer, also won the poll: He had an approval rating of 30 percent. This is 3 points more than in April. According to the poll, CDU’s top candidate and head of state Kai Wegner, who now stands at 17 percent (+3 points), also won.

The Green Party’s top candidate, Bettina Jarsch, also got one percentage point, but only achieved 10 percent, so still far below her party’s values. Sebastian Zaga (FDP) and Kristen Brinker (AfD) were included in the poll on politicians’ satisfaction for the first time. 22 percent are satisfied with Zaga’s work and 6 percent are satisfied with Brinker’s work.

For a BerlinTrend representative, Infratest interviewed Dimap between 9 and 14 June 1198, by phone or online, who were eligible to vote.

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| Updated: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 7:25 pm

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