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Because of the conflict in Ukraine - Swiss ski team parasailing and not in Russia Race - Sports

Because of the conflict in Ukraine – Swiss ski team parasailing and not in Russia Race – Sports


Due to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, the World Cup of Skiing and Parasailing will be held in Russia without Swiss participation.

  • The Swiss ski team skips the World Cup finals next weekend in Sunny Valley, Russia. Swiss-Ski announced this on Twitter Thursday night.
  • The aerial team will not be at the start of the Yaroslavl World Cup. Swiss-Ski made this decision based on recent developments in the Ukraine conflict.
  • Meanwhile, the FIS is sticking to organizing competitions in Russia.

Due to the escalating conflict in Ukraine, Swiss winter sports fans will not be able to compete in Russia next weekend.

According to a Swiss-Ski statement, Olympic figure skating champion Ryan Riggs and his teammates will return to Switzerland. Before the Grand Final in Vicenaz (March 19), ski fans will have the opportunity from March 11 to 13. March until the World Cup only on Reiteralm (AUT) in.


Missing in Russia

Ryan Riggs (here at the Olympics in Beijing).

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FIS maintains competitions in Russia

Swiss Aerials will also not participate in Russia. This skips the World Cup competitions scheduled for the weekend. Like Riggs, the participants traveled directly from the Beijing Olympics to Russia, thus before the escalation between Russia and Ukraine. The antenna competitions are held in Yaroslavl, 280 km north of Moscow.

The German (DSV) and the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) had previously ordered their teams to fly home from Russia early. As announced by the DSV, “they will not participate in any international competitions in Russia or Ukraine until further notice.”

The International Ski Federation (FIS) is (still) sticking to competitions in Russia. Both regions have not been affected by the conflict in Ukraine, but they continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure the safety of the athletes.