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Because of Ennesto?  Reuniting with the previous one

Because of Ennesto? Reuniting with the previous one

Danny Buchner, 43, is blossoming more and more after the end of love with Ennesto Monté. Is that also the reason why she now sees his ex-girlfriend?

Danny Buchner: That’s how you feel without Ennesto

After separating from Ennesto Monté, Danni Büchner herself caught the act to get distracted. As an influencer, she is still very active and regularly provides her fans with updates from her life. In addition to the new episodes of “Goodbye Germany”, the big step was also in the program. There wasn’t much time to fall ill because of Ennesto – perhaps that’s why the rumors about a return of love persisted. Finally, Danny has also appeared in her Instagram Stories Mostly happy and in a good mood – In any case, there wasn’t much to see from the grief due to the pop singer. Is it still a problem for you anyway? A meeting suggests that.

Danny Bochner: Good relationship with Anastasia?

Because on Instagram, Danni revealed that she has been with someone very special Agree to meet for lunch I was. In Palma, she met Anastasia Avilova – AL Ennesto’s ex-girlfriend. It’s no secret that the two women are okay. When the relationship between Insto and Danny became known, Anastasia said it was It will be a happy couple. But now they may have met in person for the first time since Danny’s split with the pop singer. And the suspicion is that the two had a lot to talk about.

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Danni Büchner: Lunch with a former Ennesto

They both happily post pictures of the evening together in their stories. You just can’t see how the two are enjoying delicious lunch and cold drinks. To the A shared photo of the two women Anastasia wrote:


It looks like the two are dating now They are really good. And among the good friends, they’ll probably do as well One or the other blasphemy About ex-boyfriend, right? Whether it was Ennesto with the two of them in the afternoon It was really a problemIn the end, only Danny and Anastasia know themselves. But it’s very likely that they both talked about it, after all, they both know him better than almost anyone else …