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"Beauty & The Nerd" Umstyling 2021

“Beauty & The Nerd” Umstyling 2021

From the fourth episode of “Beauty & The Nerd” onwards, nerds battled alongside their beauty for coveted places to change. After Marcus, who did best in challenges with Cecilia, other geeks can now look forward to a new look: Luca, Jeremy and Kao. But before he begins, Thomas Rath asks all the nerds to talk to them so that they can get to know each of them better. The final result of the transformation is presented only to the beauties and geeks of the evening. In the fourth episode, Luca and Jeremy started.

In the clip: Season 3 Episode 4: The Big Makeover

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Lukas Omstelling

Luca is the first to trust the experienced hands of Thomas Rath. The blue-haired player, despite his gentle knees, is very excited and ready for the impending change: “I am excited, but also afraid. Not from what you do to me, but from what I am then, you will see Mirror.” His beauty and Victoria give him the new experience, even if she She only lets him go with a sad heart: “My feelings are mixed. I’m unnaturally happy for him. He did a really, really good job, actually, really. I can’t do it at all to make up words.”

Luca’s last words about his reflection in the mirror: “Bye, my hair, bye, my clothes, bye, Luca’s head. I hope to welcome you soon, inner Luca.” In addition to external changes, the nerd also wants to strengthen his self-confidence and not think about it. A fresh look can help. Thomas Rath wants to highlight Lucas’ beautiful face and highlight his skin with light colors. Blue hair gives way to a bob hairstyle and crazy outfits to start with. When the beauties see the new Luca in the evening, they explode into an excited scream: “You look so good!” Even Luca himself has no words.

Luca Single

Jeremis Amstelling

The nerd chick is a somewhat more difficult type for Thomas Rath: “This is how I really imagine a nerd: a person who has nothing to do with clothes, where the mother actually puts on clothes, and does not even know what to combine with each other,” says the fashion expert . Fortunately, Jeremy has a huge incentive: “I’m looking forward to a change,” he says casually as usual. Regarding fashion, Jeremy’s motto so far has been: “The main thing is comfort.” Thomas Rath now wants to put an end to this and turn a nerd into a confident young man.

Jeremy younger

famous last words

Jeremy’s last words for his reflection in the mirror: “Goodbye, my friend. Maybe we’ll meet again later, but let’s not hope so.” In the evening he also appears before the beauty as his new version. At the sight of Ricarda, she could hardly stand on her feet excitedly. “Hey, now I am glad we have such a small bed again,” jokes his beauty. Jeremy is unrecognizable and now looks more like Justin Bieber than his old self. When he can finally take a look in the mirror himself, he’s so happy: “I feel great. I feel good about it,” he says excitedly. Even Ricarda admits: “You almost look better than me. But only almost.”

Jeremy One

If you want to know how other makers of geeks have gone, you can go to Gwen testing.

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