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Beatrice Egli wants to 'get away from it all'

Beatrice Egli wants to ‘get away from it all’

Beatrice Egli is interested in her stay in Spain on Instagram. The musician is always drawn to the outside.

The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli spent several months in Granada, Spain this summer.
  • On Instagram, she explains, “Sometimes I need a space.”

2021 was a particularly difficult year for Beatrice Egli (33). In addition to the new music and biography, the pop singer defeated it after difficult training Matterhorn.

No wonder the blonde craves a break. Already moved in 2019 Schwitterin After exhausting for months in Australia and this summer to Granada, Spain.

employment Instagram The single woman explains her trip abroad: “Sometimes I need a little distance.”

Were you abroad this year?

Beatrice Egli cheers about her break in Spain

Fun: in Spain immersed beauty dies It’s not about a break, but rather I worked hard on new projects there. Beatrice Egli: “Sometimes I need it, just to stay away from it all. Get out of the normal life to be creative and get involved in a new project.” This is the only way her new album has appeared.

I hope the single lady will not only use her time in Spain for work. In addition to hot dances, sangria and paella, the country is also famous for its beautiful men …

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