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Beatrice Egli talking to Silberisen about pregnancy rumors!

Beatrice Egli talking to Silberisen about pregnancy rumors!

At first there was a whisper about love and now about pregnancy. When Beatrice Egli meets Beatrice Egli, she meets Florian Silberaisen, dispelling the rumors.

The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli fights love rumors.
  • Swiss Schlager’s export is said to have a connection with Florian Silbereisen.
  • Now Egli addresses the rumors in front of thousands of viewers!

“I was pregnant that day Florian Celebrezen … »

Several media outlets recently picked up this baffling statement from the podcast by blonde Beatrice Egli (33).

Now fans want answers to their questions. And also Florian Celebrezen He has question marks – does he still not know anything about his happiness with Babi?

And on Saturday evening, the two met at the “Big Hit Beach Party” in honor of Silbereisen’s 40th party. date of Birth over each other. Live on TV with thousands of viewers, he talks to Egli about the statement. He wants to know what’s in the story.

Did you really say that day: ‘I was pregnant that day?’ Florian Celebrezen? ›» The beautiful woman from Schwyz could not help but smile and say: «Well, this press does what it wants».

The singer finally explains the background to her statement in the podcast, which was mentioned in passing in the aforementioned press article.

Egli was asked what weird headline she had to read for herself. She then referred to a previous article in which the pregnant claim had already been made.

For a long time there was a relationship between Schwyzerin and Supervisor The singer guesses. However, both of them have denied this many times in the past.

What do you think of the rumors about Beatrice Egli and Florian Celebration?

“Everything was instantly twisted” Beatrice Egli sighs “We’re getting along very well. I’m so glad we’re here today.” date of Birth can celebrate. But there’s no baby shower yet.”

Celebrezen exhales with relief and jokes: “Then I can cancel 5,000 diapers again.”

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