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Beatrice Egli reveals her emotional state!

Beatrice Egli reveals her emotional state!

“There is always speculation about my relationship status, which I keep private and want to always keep private.”

Beatrice Egli (35 years old) said this recently in an interview with “Pressant”. But now it seems she has changed her mind. The Swiss pop singer is suddenly more outgoing than ever!

Love rumors about Egli and Florian Silbereisen (42) have been going on for months. Because when the two are on stage together, they often get suspiciously close…

Their joint song “Only We Know It” sparked rumors again. But is there really more between the two or are they just fooling their fans?

Beatrice Egli now reveals this secret. In an interview with “Neue Welt” the woman from Schwyz reveals: She is single!

The “Full Risk” translator no longer allows herself to be exposed to the pressures of her love life. “I used to think everyone over 30 was old,” Egli says. “Today, at 35 years old, I have the feeling that life has only just begun.”

For her, it's great to be a woman on the go and to be in the middle of life. “Being confident and able to say, ‘You know what? quoted her as saying: “I am single and this is wonderful.”

The strong blonde also has every reason to be self-confident. Professionally, things couldn't go better for Beatrice Egli.

She recently made it to the Billans list of the 100 richest young people in Switzerland in 2024. This showed that Egli is clearly progressing in show business. She is the richest Swiss musician under the age of 40. The butcher's daughter's fortune is estimated at two to five million francs.

From then on, things started looking up for the Strahli woman. It has become an integral part of the pop world. Beatrice Egli is a famous singer in both Switzerland and Germany.