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Beatrice Egli on cyberbullying: 'I have to encourage myself'

Beatrice Egli on cyberbullying: ‘I have to encourage myself’

Beatrice Egli sings about bullying and physical defamation on her new album. Although Schwyzerin feels good, she also has bad days.

The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli feels very comfortable with her look.
  • But some days she has to strengthen herself, as she revealed in an interview.

Made in their songs star schlager Beatrice Egli (33) to a perfect world, but now she’s hitting a more serious tone. In her new album, she talks about topics like bullying The body is open.

In an interview withexpensive“He speaks Schwitterin About hateful slogans on the network: “I also had to go through it, I experienced these hateful comments firsthand when I was young. But I drew a lot of strength from it.”

Today she has a “wonderful relationship with myself and my body” and she only attracts whatever she feels comfortable in.

Beatrice Egli: “Years ago I came up with the idea ‘You can’t stand it because…’. Because that doesn’t exist with me, everyone can wear anything. Of course, I also get comments like: ‘The dress fit poorly.’ For me it doesn’t. Advantage exists because there is no flaw – I stand by my body.”

It still is beautiful singer The days when she struggled with her appearance. “I always sing every song to myself. There are days when I have to cheer myself up too,” she admits.

Do you feel comfortable in your own body?

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