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Beatrice Egli fights her tears at ‘The Giovanni Zarrella Show’.

Tears in “Giovanni Zarrella Show”! Star hitter Beatrice Egli (34) was there Saturday night. Schwiterin surprisingly showed her emotional side.

Egli’s new song is called “New Beginning” and this is currently her life motto: Ten years later, the former “DSDS” winner changed her team – which took a lot of courage.

In a conversation with the host of the program, Giovanni Zarrella (44), she continued to breathe deeply, her voice trembling: “I’m sorry, it’s too much of a burden for me now. Thank you, Giovanni, for letting me do this TV premiere with you. You know I’ve changed a lot. .

“After ten years I made a completely new start with a new team,” Egli explained. It’s very emotional, because of course The New Beginning also includes an epilogue. Testimony with people who also brought me to where I am after ten years ».

And further: “Thanks to these people, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I want to thank you for accompanying me. Now I have a new beginning and new people accompany me.”

After the show, Beatrice appeared on Instagram and answered questions from fans. She explained: “I cried with joy. I wasn’t sad, but happy and relieved. The tension is already so high for such a TV premiere and live on TV. There isn’t much live broadcast left.”