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Beatrice Egli fails the ARD music test

Beatrice Egli fails the ARD music test

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If that doesn't work, pop star Beatrice Egli will not be able to register for the ARD family quiz Ask the Mouse – even though the puzzle is a music quiz.

Cologne – One might actually think that pop star Beatrice Egli (35), as a successful singer, should be at the top of the musical audition on the ARD program “Ask the Mouse”. But there was nothing to it: the 35-year-old failed miserably in the “Cockroach Organ” category on Saturday night (February 10).

A bit bumpy: Singer Beatrice Egli can't solve the music puzzle

Pop star Beatrice Egli, 35, inspires her fans with her voice on stage – and now she has to prove her skills with a musical puzzle. In Ask the Mouse, artist Riccardo Simonetti (30) and Beatrice Egli had to try together to put the individually performed song pieces in the correct order, which didn't quite work at first.

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“Komet” by Udo Lindenberg (77) and Apache 207 (26) were played for the team. Together, Riccardo Simonetti and Beatrice Egli tried their best to find the right solution, but this quickly turned out to be a problem.

Beatrice Egli on the jury of “Germany in Search of the Star” 2024

This year, the RTL show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” enters its 21st year. This time on the jury: former DSDS winner Beatrice Egli. In 2024, she will sit alongside pop star Dieter Bohlen (70 years old), singer Pietro Lombardi (31 years old) and rapper Loredana (28 years old).

Despite initial difficulties: Beatrice Egli and Riccardo Simonetti won the test

But in the end it was enough for victory: Beatrice Egli and Riccardo Simonetti were able to solve the puzzle and score ten points for the team. The 35-year-old had trouble sorting out the individual musical movements correctly, but she guessed the song's title right away.

Left: Pop singer Beatrice Egli in concert in Freiburg (tour
Pop singer Beatrice Egli can't impress everyone at her music audition. However, in the end, victory is enough (photo montage) © left: IMAGO/Eibner; Right: WDR/Ben Knabi

Although the singer was not able to shine in the children's puzzle, she still inspires her followers every day. Recently, Beatrice Egli showed herself to her Schlager fans without any makeup and knocked off the socks of her followers. Sources used: ARD “Ask the Mouse” (aired February 10, 2024)