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Beatrice Egli can't climb the Matterhorn yet

Beatrice Egli can’t climb the Matterhorn yet

The day has to be so far: Beatrice Egli wants to climb the Matterhorn. But the weather now makes a huge difference to you.

The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli should have climbed the Matterhorn today.
  • But now, because of all the snow, things are going differently than planned.

She trained like crazy – and now she has to tear her thumb! Beatrice Egli (33 years old) has been preparing for several months Climb to the Matterhorn Before. By the time the Schlager star had climbed several smaller mountains and today it was supposed to be so far. But now everything is different.

On the Matterhorn There is currently so much snow – so much so that Egli cannot climb the cult mountain. On Instagram She shares the change of plan with her fans: “ MatterhornThe ascent will be delayed due to the large amount of snow on the mountain.

Are you excited about the Matterhorn’s ascent with Beatrice Egli?

Although disappointed The winner gives “DSDS” Too close to the finish line: “I’m still preparing for the great ascent and hopefully very soon.”

Beatrice Egli Can’t Wait Matterhorn Challenge To escalate: “I’m not taking it slow anymore, I want to go up this mountain now, I want to know now. But patience is also required of me on this mountain.”

No one knows exactly when Egli will be able to achieve his long-awaited ascent. One thing is clear: Beatrice is as ready as she ever will be.

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