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Beatrice Egli accepts Andreas Gaballier on her own TV show

Perhaps Andreas Gaballier (37) was not expecting this! When he’s on stage at the “Beatrice Egli Show” premiere and singing his song “A New Beginning,” the host surprises him on stage just seconds after the song starts. For the Austrian, there’s a kiss from Beatrice Egli (33), then an even embrace of folk rock.

With this surprising gesture, there are also rumors about the relationship between the two. Gaballier announced his separation from Sylvia Schneider (39) in 2019 after six years of relationship. Since then, rumors about the musician’s love life have repeatedly spread, but he has not confirmed any of them yet. Beatrice Egli is also celibate and has been out of the limelight from her love life for quite a while. So it can fit the stroke sizes!