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Beat von Jet Set Radio • Nintendo Connect

Beat von Jet Set Radio • Nintendo Connect

GG’s unofficial “rhythm” joins the monkey gang Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania in a. In a press release, SEGA announced a strong comeback for Beat, the unofficial “Rudie” and the hero from the classic band Jet Set Radio As a playable character in Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania. It will be available as an unlockable character on October 5th, in time for the game’s launch.

Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania seems to Nintendo Switchand PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in stores. A digital copy for PC will appear on Steam. The Xbox One version supports Xbox Series X smart connectivity. An upgrade path for PlayStation consoles is also provided.

Beat is the first of many special guest characters to join the gang of monkeys Super Monkey Banana Ball Mania Connection. More characters are expected in the next few weeks as well TwitterAnd FacebookAnd Instagram And Youtube to be submitted. We’ll keep an eye on everything you have, and of course keep you posted!

Jet Set Radio, the 2000 classic Dreamcast™, introduced the anti-establishment Beat and GG’s, a rebellious street gang of graffiti artists formed to fight for freedom of expression. Beat now brings his exemplary flair and snowboarding skills to the world of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania – as a playable character. It can be unlocked using gameplay.

Beat is classically styled and wears his stunning green glasses, Soundwave lenses, oversized headphones, and the same magnetic skates with which he normally glides and grinds on the streets of futuristic Tokyo. Instead of bananas, Beat players collect paint spray cans as they roll, tilt and jump through the wonderful worlds of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.