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Bavaria (D): Influencers are destroying a natural paradise

Bavaria (D): Influencers are destroying a natural paradise

Thousands of influencers have caused catastrophic consequences for nature in Germany’s nature paradise. But this is over now.

The basics in brief

  • A nature reserve in Germany has been closed for five years due to influencers.
  • Last summer, tourists caused serious consequences for nature
  • Anyone violating the ban will be fined 27,000 francs.

Königssee in Bavaria (D) is a beautiful nature reserve with waterfalls and turquoise blues Water. The idyllic pool of the Königsbach Waterfall provides an ideal view of the area. The previously hidden location has become accurate across social media So it is known all over the world.

Thousands of influencers have made pilgrimages to the so-called Natural Infinity Pool at the top of the national park in recent years. The nature Much has suffered as a result: litter, noise, illegal camp fires, and frequent rescues of tourists in need are part of the area.

Due to reckless guests, an extensive network of trails with a length of at least three kilometers formed last summer, according to the responsible district office. As a result, the soil as well as plants and animals were seriously endangered.

Valid since end of June So a ban was imposed on entry Around the area around the waterfall falls – for at least five years. Those opposing this must pay up to 27,000 Franken Expect a fine.

A nature reserve in Germany closed due to tourists taking selfies – do you think this was the right decision?

« This must be nature “I was given time to recover,” the district office said. close post after Five years is not excluded, it has been said.

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