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Battlefield 6: Reveal Approaches, An Announcement for the Mobile Game

Battlefield 6: Reveal Approaches, An Announcement for the Mobile Game

Signs of life from the angle of Battlefield: On a developer blog, it was announced that the reveal of the game is imminent and at the same time another Battlefield game is being announced.

We’ve known for a long time that a new Battlefield is in the pipeline. Now it looks like the premiere of the new part is getting closer. Like dice in one Devblog Announces that the unveiling will take place “soon ™”.

Meanwhile, there is very little information on the status of the development. Accordingly, daily running tests are already being carried out, and polishing and balancing appears to be in full swing.

Criterion and DICE LA are currently working on the title, while the technology is being promoted in Gothenburg further. All in all, it should be the largest action team ever on Battlefield. What to expect. Quote: “Epic proportions. Military war. Crazy and unexpected moments. Game-changing destruction. Massive battles with more players and more chaos than ever before.”

The remark “everything is powered by next-generation consoles and computers” is interesting. This should feed recent rumors that the new Battlefield will no longer appear for the previous generation of consoles.

At the same time, it was also announced that a mobile title would be released in the Battlefield series in 2022, developed by Industrial Toys and DICE. It should be a standalone game developed from scratch and not an implementer. The first details should also be available soon.

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