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Battery with gigawatt output: Tesla partner Neon plans new record project in Australia

Installed battery power in fixed systems is increasing drastically worldwide. However, there are still significant differences between different markets: in November, According to the operator, Great Britain has the highest capacity battery in Europe In the process, realized by megapacks from Tesla. However, a new project from another Tesla partner in Australia is said to be twenty times more.

Coal city with new record battery

The Hornsdale Reserve Battery System in Australia, powered by Tesla and Neon, was for a time the world’s largest system, initially at 100 MW. Despite being expanded by 50 percent, it has now been overtaken by others, including other projects by the two partners in Australia. It has the potential to be the largest organization in the world Vistra Energy at the old Moss Landing Power Plant site in California There will be, but it is not realized in Tesla technology.

It’s anyone’s guess as to which partner Neon plans to work with next Update economic report Don’t stress it – but it should be much larger than anything else available in the form of batteries. The plant in Collie, an old coal town in Western Australia, is said to have a capacity of 1 GW with a capacity of 4 GWh. A board for the region has granted development permission for it, so Neon can now prepare to start construction next year.

British startup wants massive storage space

The quoted values ​​would exceed the Tesla Megapacks in the state of Victoria (see photo above) and the largest battery storage facility in Australia to date, built by Neon with the Vistra at Moss Landing. According to one Overview on Wikipedia Planned in coming years. A significant number of them are in Australia. A more ambitious project, not just in terms of memory, but currently powered by Xlinks: the company wants to Renewable electricity from Morocco to Great Britain via new routes and set up a battery capacity of 5 GWh and 20 GWh by 2027.