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Bats fall like stones from the sky

Even the southern state of Texas is currently suffering from arctic temperatures – much to the distress of bats.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • The winter storm is also hitting the southern US state of Texas.
  • A few days ago, the temperature was ten degrees below average.
  • This was also a big problem for bats in the area.

Across much of the United States, people are currently reeling from the winter storm Go to the door. That Weather Gets absolutely crazy – even in parts Temperature drops are rare. For example, in Houston, south of Texas.

In the capital city of Houston, it is usually eight degrees in winter, but a few days ago it was almost ten degrees. It was not only difficult for the people there to endure, but especially for the animal world.

Following US winter storm news?

According to animal rights activist Mary Warwick, bats have had to struggle a lot with adhesion problems. Warwick accidentally discovers “shock-frozen” animals under a bridge, and he already suspects the temperature. Can be a problem for mammals.

With a team from the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition (TWRC) and the Humane Society, Warwick has now collected more than 1,500 bats. The animals were housed in the attic of a voluntary animal shelter.

As reported by TWRC, except rats Water All that is needed now is warmth and protection. Under the various bridges where they were collected, they would have been dead within hours.

Once the outside temperature stabilizes, the animals should be brought back to their sleeping quarters.

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