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Basketball M: Suffering and Hope for Moritz and Franz Wagner

Basketball M: Suffering and Hope for Moritz and Franz Wagner

When the German Basketball Association (DBB) on Wednesday A message to the national player Moritz Wagner By mail, which had everything in it, you had to search a little. What exactly is the reason for his failure in the upcoming European Championship was hidden in a statement issued by the NBA professional from the Orlando Magic. The 25-year-old was quoted as saying that “it’s hard to accept that the ankle doesn’t play along at first, but that’s part of it”. during playing “.

This is devastating news for German basketball, because Wagner was so resolutely planned. As a bundle of passions with USA experience, as a tall person with contagious ambition and basket risk, as the fourth player left in the NBA alongside Dennis Schroeder, Daniel Theis and his brother Franz. The injury prevents him in the middle of readiness. It wasn’t possible at first to tell if he actually traveled to the training camp in Cologne with an injury or just sprained his ankle there.

“I will tell you how it is. It hurts,” explained the 2.11-meter man, who has been looking forward to this tournament for years: “I play in Germany, in Cologne and in my home city of Berlin, with my brother. The European Championship is at home. ” Now this brother is the only Wagner at DBB in late summer. After all, whoever saw Franz Wagner, 20, run into the DBB’s first Test in his first international in Belgium, faced a basketball player with great potential.

Basketball player Franz Wagner shows his skills in the test against Belgium

With 23 points and five rebounds, Wagner Jr. was the best German in a tough 87:83 (46:50) battle at Hasselt. With his looks, he’s confirmed to give national coach Gordon Herbert’s side a new dimension: as a tall ball artist who’s always dangerous with the ball in hand when dribbling or with skillful basket runs. Whoever also has the triple pointer in his group and activates the selection with his intelligence in the game.

‘I just tried to help the team’: Franz Wagner was nervous on his international debut – and was convinced against Belgium.

(Photo: Jill Delsox / dpa)

“He did it really well,” Herbert said of the performance of Wagner, who nearly became this year’s Rookie in his first season in the NBA. “He showed the quality he has.” Herbert awarded the youngest player his second most playing minutes. It wasn’t entirely clear how Wagner would handle European basketball after his time in the US (the college and Orlando Magic): with more team basketball, fewer singles, different balls, and shorter playing time. But Berliner showed almost all of his skill against the Belgians, who upset a barely well-rehearsed German selection.

The 2.08-meter winger said: “It was a good feeling. Playing properly with the boys. It’s an honor to play for Germany, which is why I was a bit nervous at first.” Meanwhile, Moritz Wagner watched from the stands in supportive shoes. His loss must be compensated now. “It’s a hard blow for us, especially for Moritz himself,” said national team coach Herbert. Of course, his brother will be missing, said Franz Wagner, “He is someone who brings a lot of energy and can bring the team together very well.”

It is possible that in the current 17-man squad, Bamberg’s Chris Singfelder’s chances of winning the European Championships have increased. Not only because he made a good impression against Belgium, but also because he resembles Moritz Wagner as a player. This will be followed by a test in the Netherlands on Friday, after which the exit to the Supercup in Hamburg. “We haven’t reached 100 percent yet, that’s clear,” said Dennis Schroeder, who contributed 21 points against Belgium. But at least one of the Wagners is nearby.