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Basketball legend Magic Johnson lures this star to the Lakers!  - American sports

Basketball legend Magic Johnson lures this star to the Lakers! – American sports

The Los Angeles Lakers finally want a major team again!

An experienced point guard should be used for this! That’s why they’re hunting down the big names of the NBA scene. Portland star Damian Lillard (32) should be on the wish list as well as Washington Wizards Russell Westbrook (32), as can be heard.

Stranger, thief?
Antetokonmo steals the NBA Cup

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And now there is a very hot rumor!

The Lakers should definitely want Phoenix Suns playmaker Chris Paul (36), who just lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals — and whose title dream collapsed on Tuesday.

What is he willing to do to possibly become a champion again?

it’s clear: He has a player option with the Suns to extend his contract by one year for $44.2 million. He has until August 1st for this.

If he didn’t draw it, he would be a free agent. Then the question would be how much salary he would give up to start another title attack with his friend LeBron. It is said because the Lakers have few financial means to fund such a high salary.

ESPN is also mentioning the possibility that Paul will reject his option – but still stick to the sun anyway! He could sign a three-year contract for $105 million on August 6.

What’s next for Paul?

Now Lakers legend Magic Johnson (61) is turned on – and he wants to lure Paul to LA!

Two magical tweets that show how much he’s thinking.

The Big Three, LeBron, Chris, and A.D., together, will make the NBA Championship!

Which, of course, means Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis – and of course, Chris Paul.

If Chris waives his contract clause with The Sun, his first call should be from his best friend LeBron and the Lakers!

Paul is the godfather to LeBron’s son, Bronny Jr. James sat in the front row to support his friend in the fifth NBA Final. Together, they won the Olympic gold medal in Beijing in 2008 and were guests at each other’s wedding.


Magic Johnson is on vacation in France. Here he is sitting on a yacht in St Tropez

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Hot: Paul has lived in Los Angeles with his wife, Jada Crowley, and two children, Christopher and Camryn, since his time with the Clippers. Does this help with decision making?


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