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Basel vs. FC Lugano live broadcast

Basel vs. FC Lugano live broadcast

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Next setback: Basel lose 2-0 in Lugano

FC Basel is still in crisis: Fabio Celestini's team did not win the sixth official match in a row and lost 0-2 to FC Lugano. A weak first half was especially fatal for the guests from Basel. He is unlucky because Dominik Schmid had to go off early injured.

The match starts very slowly: Logano and Basel do not exchange anything with each other.

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the game: It was clear before kick-off that it would be difficult for Basel to face FC Lugano in Ticino – for completely different reasons. On the one hand, there is the rival, the current team at the moment, which has not dropped a point in five matches. Then there is Bayern themselves, who have not won in five competitive matches and have to play without five players against Lugano, who played in the classic match against Zurich on Saturday: Marwin Hitz, Renato Vega and Benjamin Kololi are absent due to injuries, Leon Avdolaho and Thierno Barre suspended. Plus, there are all the long-term injuries surrounding Adrian Barisic.

It is certainly not an easy task. Fabio Celestini deals with it by sending Mirko Salvi, Mohamed Drager, Jean-Kevin Augustin, Maurice Malone and Finn van Bremen onto the pitch. And the coach sees how after a few minutes he has to react again: Dominik Schmid, the final runner of the season, crashes head first into the advertising board after a duel, is first tackled and then realizes: it's not working anymore. He was replaced by Nicolas Vouilloz, who will now play in an unfamiliar position as left-back.

While a lot happens when it comes to individuals, little happens when it comes to sports. But it soon became clear: if things were going offensively, it was because of Logano. The home team had approximately 70 percent of the ball and scored after 16 minutes through Zan Sellar from a narrow offside position and had promising opportunities through Lucas May and Giannis Semenyani. Above all, Logano has: corners. Logano's eighth corner kick also put them ahead after 44 minutes. Albian Hajdari, of all people, is the former Basel player who won the head duel against Finn van Bremen.

Fabio Celestini reacted after the break, at least by changing the system, and from now on sent his team into the race with a 3-4-3 system. This makes the game more balanced, as Bayern have more possession of the ball and, unlike the first half, can also take their own corner kicks. But it's not really dangerous. Logano rarely dares to go on the attack, but he remains more dangerous: in the 59th minute, Seminiani narrowly missed to make it 2-0 with a shot.

Things get hectic after a few minutes: first, substitute Romeo Bene steals the ball from Ousmane Doumbia, Lugano's last player, and breaks free in front of the opponent's goal, but referee Alessandro Dudic calls him back for an alleged attacker's foul. Anton Kade then tested Lugano goalkeeper Amir Saipi, and finally, in the 69th minute, Renato Steffen made it 2-0 with a brilliant direct pass. It's the decision.

Because Bayern, who played with young players Axel Kayombo, Romeo Bene and Junior Ze towards the end, were no longer able to respond. This means they remain winless for the fifth straight league game, and are just three points away from Barrageplatz, which GC occupies. GC will play away to Berner Young Boys on Thursday. Meanwhile, Basel continue their match on Saturday evening away from Lausanne-Ouchy, bottom of the table. It will be the next big game in the relegation battle.

The best: In a match in which Basel do not have a chance to score, and concede two goals in defence, there is really no one who is better. Tolant Xhaka is playing very well, fighting as always and trying to be the catalyst and engine in the midfield.

This was something to talk about: Shortly before the score ended 0-2, referee Dodic decided that Benny Doumbia had committed a foul. There is a call, but there is no obligatory beep. Had that not happened, Benny would have qualified and perhaps scored the equaliser. It's too much of a condition. In the end, Bayern does not lose the match because of this one scene.