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Basel customers turn around at Burger King

Basel customers turn around at Burger King

At Burger King at Basler Bahnhof there are only vegan menus temporarily. The campaign attracts curious clients. But some are holding back.

The basics in brief

  • Burger King at Basel’s main train station runs a vegan campaign.
  • For ten days, all burgers are covered with meat substitutes.
  • Business divides clients.

Who are in the Burger King branch in Basel Train Station SBB If you want to satisfy your hunger for meat, you are now in the wrong place. Because: The fast food restaurant has temporarily shifted its menu inside out.

All popular classics will be served for ten days – but only in vegetable variant.

There are usually only a few burger options for vegetarians at Burger King.

On-site lunch shows: the burgers taste more meat than expected.

But: Within 15 minutes of lunchtime on Tuesday, counts nearly 20 customers leaving the store hungry when they see their new vegetarian menu. And one employee asserts that this has already happened “several times” since yesterday.

However, the branch also attracts curious customers who want to try out the new menus. The proportion of women is strikingly high.

green concept

Instead of beef, fish and chicken, burger buns Meat alternative products proven. The branch’s new design also draws attention to a Burger King pop-up campaign: the entrance is decorated with green and white balloons. There are also billboards and signs new offer.

Do you like to eat vegetarian “meat”?

The Basel Burger King branch is the fourth in Europe to temporarily move to “Vegi”. There is also a Geneva popup.

Guests are curious about the new offering, Burger King chief marketing officer Carlos Zapata explained to tamedia– Newspapers. But: “It may be that the guests do not like it, we will see it and adapt to it.”

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