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Barbouk hopes for the momentum of the election campaign

Barbouk hopes for the momentum of the election campaign

Air outside the election campaign of the Green Party. The summit hopes for fresh momentum from this weekend’s party convention. But with thousands of modifications, more problems threaten.

Candidate for Chancellor Annalena Barbock: “Obviously that was very negligent.”

Christian Marquardt / Environmental Protection Agency

The guest speaker list is already suggesting that this weekend’s party convention is supposed to give the Greens a fresh boost to a faltering election campaign: many delegates are likely to spoil the distraction of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Discussion about arms deliveries to Ukraine Hopes. Former Siemens boss Joe Kaeser has long been living proof that people are taken seriously even in the highest economic circles. A year and a half ago, Kaiser was from Fridays for the Future Activistin Despised because his company is involved in building a controversial coal mine. Until then, this green didn’t bother much. Kaiser was already on stage at last year’s Green Economic Summit, a week ago he publicly campaigned for the election of top candidate Annalena Barbock. The party can only hope to do it again.