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Barbock wants to push for the withdrawal of American atomic bombs – dpa

NSErleen (AFP) – Green Chancellor’s candidate Annalena Barbock wants to insist that the US atomic bombs be withdrawn from Germany if the election is won. For the sake of disarmament negotiations between the United States and Russia, the new federal government must clarify the following:

“Of course, US nuclear weapons should also be part of this disarmament process here in Germany and in Europe as a whole,” Barbock said Monday evening at ARD “Election Square.” “We currently have a window of opportunity and we have to take advantage of that and not pursue a foreign policy that fades into doubt.”

At the end of July, the nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, began new disarmament talks that had been previously agreed upon at a summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Along with other NATO countries such as Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey, Germany participates in NATO’s nuclear deterrence through the deployment of nuclear weapons.

According to estimates, there are still about 20 atomic bombs stored at the Bushel air base in Eifel, which will be dropped by Bundeswehr fighters in case of emergency. In addition to the Greens and the left, party leaders and the parliamentary bloc in the SPD also spoke in favor of withdrawing US nuclear weapons. The union is firmly against it.