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Barbach wants to take refugees from Afghanistan with the EU countries and the United States

President Annalena Fairbanks’ Green Candidate calls for a coalition of those who want to join
Build: A.P.

Germany should take up a meeting of Afghan refugees with the European Union, the United States and Canada, calling on Green Presidential candidate Anna Lena Barbok. The domestic political spokesman for the Union Parliamentary Committee, on the other hand, is pro-refugee in the region.

G.Candidate for President Annalena Barbach Groups of Afghan refugees should be allowed in Europe, the United States and Canada. “You must now be prepared for more people to leave their country in such a dramatic situation,” he said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk of the Week. Together we can adopt clear quota rules. “

Matthias Middleberg (CDU), the domestic political spokesman for the Union Parliamentary Committee, disagreed. The need for a larger number of Afghans Refugees The inclusion in the European Union was wrong, he told the German Press Agency. “The EU’s commitment must first take refugees into the region.” Like Syria, support for Turkey or a joint action of that country can be considered here.

“It sends the wrong signals when the EU demands immediate admission of all refugees in Germany or in every conflict in the world – especially since the willingness to accept refugees is now very low throughout the EU,” Middleberg said. He pointed out that more than 12,000 people a month have recently sought refuge in Germany, and that nearly two-thirds of Syrians in this country live in whole or in part on Hartz IV.