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Bankruptcies, Bad Luck, and Meltdowns - Went Wrong: 6 Incredible Incidents in SRF History - Home

Bankruptcies, Bad Luck, and Meltdowns – Went Wrong: 6 Incredible Incidents in SRF History – Home


In addition to many successful things, there have also been some interesting incidents on SRF TV shows over the years.

Masked men storm the main edition

When legendary speaker Leon Hopper ran a major edition of Tagesschau in May 1981, at first everything seemed like business as usual. That changed instantly when masked men stormed the TV studio. On an uncovered banner, they demanded “Freedom and sunshine for Giorgio Bellini.” Those responsible for Tagesschau stopped the program immediately.

At the time, Bellini of Ticino had been imprisoned in Germany for three months on suspicion of involvement in terrorism. The five masked intruders finally managed to escape from the TV building undetected.

Mr. Keeler is high

Telephone participants bring a breath of fresh air to the live broadcast with their requests to speak from outside the studio. However, hardly anyone has caused so much amusement as Mr. Keeler, who was caught drunk by Benny Thornhair in “Benissimo”.

falling water blocks

Chumm und lueg went on a journey of discovery through Switzerland in the 1980s. Stein’s broadcast turned out to be particularly turbulent. Broadcaster Magritte Staub-Hadorn has defied the torrential rain for a long time — even after the live audience had been evacuated long ago. In the end, nature triumphed. The program was canceled with the words “Dear viewers, we can’t do anything else.”

collapse of the pyramid

At Kurt Felix’s Saturday evening show “Supertreffer”, participants tried to draw attention to themselves with unusual performances. Unfortunately not always with success. An attempt to lift more than a dozen people ended abruptly when the “human carrier”‘s thigh broke. The show continued mercilessly despite the unpleasant incident.

Dangers of overdose

The entertainment program “Danger” has not been under a good star several times. One issue had to be canceled shortly before the end because the wheel of fortune had collapsed. However, the candidate’s attempt to cheat, which could only be revealed later, caused even larger waves. Since then, “Moldovan football player” has become just an old saying.

wild state of money

In “Deal or no Deal”, many test participants were delighted with a large amount of money – until the day when the money girl Deborah suddenly stopped. The money issue I brought you didn’t want to open at all. Session moderator Roman Kielchesberger quickly took over. And lo and behold – with a little brute force a stubborn bag can be opened.