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Bandai Namco was allowed to develop a new Pokémon Snap due to Pokémon Tekken • Nintendo Connect

Bandai Namco was allowed to develop a new Pokémon Snap due to Pokémon Tekken • Nintendo Connect

Bandai Namco is the lead developer responsible for New Pokemon Snap. In the end, some Pokémon fans wondered why Game Freak or another company was not responsible for this title, which Haruki recently told Suzaki IGN He explained in more detail. According to Suzaki, the partnership with the Pokemon Corporation is built on their work Pokemon Tekken Traceable.

In an interview with IGN, Haruki confirmed that Suzaki, a manager New Pokemon SnapThat Bandai Namco’s efforts to engage with the Pokémon universe of Pokémon Tekken to share New Pokemon Snap Connect to. However, HAL Lab was also the developer of the original version Pokemon Snap, Involved in developing a spiritual caliph.

Pokemon Tekken Take advantage of the strengths of Bandai Namco Studio and make attractive Pokemon in a new way, ”Suzaki said.“ That’s why we had the opportunity to work together again, and this is what happened. New Pokemon Snap. We can with the developers [des ursprünglichen Spiels] He spoke and started the new project with the participation of many people. “

There is a circuit in Pokemon Tekken It’s called Neos City, where you can discover a much larger Pokemon world outside of the arena if you take your eyes off the battle for a moment. Pokemon and humans walk down the street side by side. There are shops, signs, vehicles, and billboards there to indicate that Pokemon live and work alongside people. In another arena, the Magikarp Festival is in full swing, and in another, Pokémon and people relax in the Town Square while another Pokémon fight. In the background, Woingenau sits comfortably on a bench.

With all the attention to detail, after all, most of the time the focus is more on fights up front, it’s no surprise why Bandai Namco began to evolve. New Pokemon Snap Was authorized. Pokémon are not represented as fixed battlefield characters, but are treated as real, living creatures, who will now come on their own. Started with Pokemon Snap On the Nintendo 64, the most Pokemon GO And the Pokemon Detective PikachuFilm, it seems the Pokémon Company wants to create new worlds and connect Pokémon more and more to the real world. Make you look more lively.

How Pokemon Live In New Pokemon Snap When surfing the beach, burrowing in caves or swimming in the depths of the sea – you will find out exclusively from April 30, 2021. Nintendo Switch!