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Bala (USA): Who fought Alessandro Lupino (KTM)? / US-Motocross 450

The journey of Grand Prix driver Alessandro Lupino was mixed. After a good qualifying time in 5th place, he struggled with technical issues in the first run and crossed the finish line in the Moto-2 on the B13.

US tour of the Italian Grand Prix starter Alessandro Lupino Started separately: he qualified with him SeriesKTM In 5th place and he showed that he has the speed of the best drivers.

In the race, however, things did not go for the Italians either. He had to drop the first run due to a technical glitch. In the second run he started 15th in midfield. He then won against Max Unstick. The Italian finally finished second in 13th place with 8 points, he is 16th in the table.

“What a great experience,” he wrote Lupino On social media. I had a lot of fun and finished 5th in qualifying. I hope to come to the US soon. “
Lupino He is now returning to Europe to look forward to the start of the Motocross World Championships in Russia Orleanoc To prepare on June 13th.

Results U.S. Nationalists Bala, 450 ccm:

1. Dylan Ferrantis (F), Yamaha, 1-3
2. Ken Roxanne (D), Honda, 6-1
3. Aaron Blessinger (USA), Yamaha, 4-2
4. Justin Weather in Persia (USA), Casco, 3-6
5. Chase Sexton (Honda), 2-10

16. Alessandro Lupino (I), KTM, 36-13

Championship status after 1st round in 12:

1. Dylan Ferrantis (F), Yamaha, 45
2. Ken Roxanne (D), Honda, 40, (-5)
3. Aaron Blessinger (USA), Yamaha, 40, (-5)
4. Justin Weather in Persia (USA), Casco, 35, (-10)
5. Chase Sexton (Honda), 33, (-12)

16. Alessandro Lupino (I), KTM, 8, (-37)