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Bags are finally getting bigger again

Bags are finally getting bigger again

Zoe Kravitz takes Saint Laurent’s Icare Bag for a walk. (Photo: PD)


Handbags are back, especially in the maxi version. This trend comes at just the right moment and is reminiscent of a decade that was especially popular in fashion.

everybody has. Or rather, everyone who is currently celebrated as a fashion role model. They include Hailey Bieber, Zoe Kravitz, singer Rosie of K-Pop Blackpink and actress Sidney Sweeney. They were all seen carrying the Saint Laurent Ikare, an oversized bag made of quilted lamb leather with the massive gold YSL logo embossed on the front. The bag was launched last April and is now considered the “It Bag” of 2022.

After Mini comes Maxi again

The fact that the bag is striking is not surprising, as it represents the exact opposite of the bag trend that has dominated the past few years: small bags, some of which hold only a few keys. But now small bags have to make way for large and spacious tote bags, which are being seen more and more often. At Milan Fashion Week, which ended last Sunday, Etro models carried large bags decorated with colorful wallpaper. But on the street, many women were seen carrying the square Prada “Symbole” bag, and in Bottega Veneta many looks were combined with large Intrecciato leather shoulder bags.

Tote bags complete the Etro's supermodel look.  Image credit: Getty Images

Tote bags complete the Etro’s supermodel look. Image credit: Getty Images

At some point, fashion reacts to each trend in opposite directions, and so it was only a matter of time before big bags replaced the smaller versions. Plus, the look is back at just the right moment: Many people can go about their normal daily lives again after pandemic lockdowns, head back to offices, and need space again for laptops, iPads and necessities for commuting or rely on roomy suitcases for air travel. Again, which is passed as a handbag.

The revival of fashion of notaughties

Anyone with a bit of knowledge of the history of bags will also recognize the parallels with the New Decade, a decade currently experiencing a revival in fashion. It was then that the concept of “It Bag” debuted, which was worn by girls like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller and Jessica Stam. Many of these were oversized bags: from a Fendi “Spy Bag” to a “Paddington” by Chloé or a Balenciaga’s Motorcycle Bag to a “Gaucho” by Dior.

Nicole Richie wears the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag in 2005. Image credit: Getty Images

Nicole Richie wears the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag in 2005. Image credit: Getty Images

Her celebrity fans dangle giant bags of crooks from their arms, inspiring countless women to queue up for their favorites. They were primarily concerned with appearance, but originally the handbag also represented social progress: when American designer and creative director of New York Coach Bonnie Cashin launched the “Cashin Carry Tote” in 1969, it symbolized the dawn of a new era in which women went to work. And she needs space for her luggage.

Existing tote bags provide an important advantage for premium labels: a large area in which recognizable patterns and logos can be printed. Gucci prints several of its models in extra-large shapes of the GG logo, while Max Mara covers one model in the iconic Teddy. A Dior classic, ‘Book Tote’ appears each season with a new style that captures the theme of the current collection.

Dior's Book Tote bag has been seen a lot this year.  (Photo: PD/Dior)

Dior’s Book Tote bag has been seen a lot this year. (Photo: PD/Dior)

Many customers should welcome the return of handbags. Although it is more expensive, it is more practical and roomy and may be worth the investment for many people. In many cases, this is significant: the cost of “Icare” Saint Laurent is 3800 francs.