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‘Bag a bag’: Australia experiences catastrophic floods – Panorama – Society

Massive flooding in eastern Australia continues to grip large parts of the region. Emergency services worked tirelessly on Tuesday to rescue people in need from the roofs of their homes using helicopters and boats. The regional secretary for emergency services, Steph Cook, said the 300,000 people in the state of New South Wales should be prepared to be brought to safety at short notice if necessary.

She asked the victims: “Please pack a bag and your mobile phone and charger”. Trigger for extreme weather a A slow moving low pressure area. It is currently moving from north to south. Meteorologists have warned metropolitan Sydney and parts of New South Wales’ southern coast to brace for “heavy to heavy rain”.

In Sydney, the big city Down Under, it was already flooded – according to experts, it was It was the wettest summer in the borough for 30 years. “The weather service and other officials are expecting more storms and more flooding throughout the week,” Premier Scott Morrison said.

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The city of Lismore was hit hard. “They’re always flooded there, but they’ve never experienced anything like this in their lives.” The media is talking about a “historic disaster” in the entire state.

Experts say this year has been the heaviest rain in Australia in the last 30 years.Photo: REUTERS

Entire cities were “swallowed” by water masses. Brown water rose up to the roof in many houses. Two people are missing due to floods in the neighboring state of Queensland. 8 people have died in the area in the last few days.

Greater Brisbane and the towns of Gympie and Maryborough and areas along the Sunshine Coast were also affected by flooding. In some areas, what would normally be a whole year’s worth of rain fell in just a few days. (dpa)