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Badminton - 1st place for Mödling Neudolt

Badminton – 1st place for Mödling Neudolt

Catherine Neudault had the best performance at the 2021 Austrian Open / Styria International in Graz. The deaf athlete from Maria Enzersdorf took the fifth place in the biggest international tournament in Austria.

“The performances are very satisfactory, especially as a deaf athlete in such a strong field, I am proud of that,” said Maria Enzersdorferen. Neudolt was the last Austrian remaining in the tournament and was only eliminated in the quarter-finals against Beatriz Corrales, who won bronze at the 2015 European Olympics. Athlete J. Stettner Badminton Mödling managed to beat Corrales with victories over Anjana Kumari (India; 16:21, 21:12, 21:11) and Josephine Jensen (Denmark; 21:19, 9:21, 21:14) fight for it.

Eyes are already on Deaflympics

Against Corrales, the motto was to make life as difficult as possible for the obvious favourite. In the end, the Spaniard clearly beat Newdault in two sets with 21:8 and 21:12. However, the 32-year-old was pleased with the assessment. “After a difficult year, it was an honor for me to play again in front of the home crowd, family and friends. Newdult smiled that is why I love badminton. Above all, the tournament provided good information on the current situation of the deaf athlete, in order to be able to prepare on the best Possible face for Deaflympics 2022 in Brazil.

Neudolt is confident: “I know where the construction sites are so I can come back stronger. The Lithuanian international series will continue in a couple of weeks before there is an intense rallying phase.”