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Back on the field, Pieper wants to stay fearless

Back on the field, Pieper wants to stay fearless

Recently, Christian Gross has been just a spectator. The 33-year-old missed the match against Stuttgart through injury, but the SV Werder professional is now working on his comeback at the start of the new week. After all, Bremen awaits its next challenge next Saturday, with Borussia Dortmund (3.30pm) on the following points at stake. And since Gross – of course – wants to be there again. “He’s getting better, he had another appointment with our internist on Monday and he’s back on the field with the rehabilitation coach,” Clemens Fritz, head of professional football at Werder, explained in an interview with Deichstube on Monday. “Maybe he could be partially active again on Tuesday.”

In addition to Christian Gross, there is another player who wants to get back on the pitch as quickly as possible: Amos Bieber. The central defender was substituted in the first half against Stuttgart after goalkeeper Jerry Pavlenka hit the skull, but there is no danger of a long-term absence. “We just wanted him off, he should rest. We’ll see how he does on Tuesday,” Fritz reported. “After all, it’s an injury where it’s important to calm down, and not be stressed. I generally feel good about it.” The 24-year-old, who was already on Sunday night’s NDR “Sportclub” and said he’s been doing well so far, feels very similar. No negative side effects are expected – also on the psyche. He stressed this by saying, “I don’t need it in every game. But I will continue to do everything to ensure the goal is defended and I will throw everything. Fear does not play a role.”

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