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Back in Britain is Prince Harry's top priority

Back in Britain is Prince Harry's top priority

Prince Harry He rarely visits his native country. relationship with the royal family, especially with his elder brother, Crown Prince William, is broken. His father was diagnosed with cancer Charles III In early February, Harry immediately met the king in London.

A news item will appear in the newspaper in May Glass Be ready again. The report says Harry wants to meet the king one more time. Harry will travel from his native California to promote the Invictus Games, which he founded. It is believed that he plans to spend time with his family.

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Prince Harry reportedly wants to build a bridge.

An unnamed source said Glass: “Harry's first priority when he comes to England is to see his sick father. That's his focus. He'll be the first port of call when he gets off the plane. He'll try to spend as much time as possible with him. King Charles, so they can build bridges and enjoy each other.”

The insider thinks the two will jump past their shadows. “Harry knows it's going to be awkward, but it's time to put pride and differences aside. He's coming because of his charity work, which is very important to him, and will adjust his schedule accordingly, but his father will come first. In place.”

He was asked on American television how emotional he was after meeting his father for the last time. “I am love My family,” he replied Harry In a video posted by the ABC show “Good Morning America” ​​on the X site (formerly Twitter) in February.

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He said he was thankful to be able to get on the plane and spend time with his father. According to media reports, the duo reportedly saw each other for more than half an hour. The 39-year-old flew out the next day Prince Again.

When asked that diseases can have a unifying effect on families, and whether that is possible in this case, he replied Harry: “Yes, cousin.” He added more generally about the Invictus Games for disabled athletes who traveled across Canada: With all these families, he sees every day the strength that arises when families come together.

Harry revealed after Princess Kate announced she too had cancer and wife Megan I wish my sister-in-law a speedy recovery. “We want to Cat and their family's health and healing and hope they can do so privately and peacefully,” the couple said in a statement.

Harry He stepped down from royal duties with his wife, Duchess Meghan. Both live with their children Prince Archie (4) and Princess Lilibet (2) in the State of California, United States of America. When asked how he assessed Charles's health, Harry Not yet detailed.