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Bachelorette Dina Rossi is already talking about marrying winner Cyril!

Bachelorette Dina Rossi is already talking about marrying winner Cyril!

Bachelorette Dina Rossi gave her last paper to Chef Cyril in Zurich. The beautiful Bernese woman is already making big plans for the future.

The basics in brief

  • Bachelorette Dina Rossi and Zurich Cyril are still a couple after the show.
  • The beautiful Bernese woman had already introduced the cook to her mother.

For seven weeks, 21 single men fought for their hearts on the Greek island of Crete The beautiful Bernese woman Dina Rossi (29). In the end, Zurich chef Cyril Egli (24 years old) got the last rose from The Bachelor.

“I’m in love and I feel a tingling sensation in me,” the single mother enthused about on the last night of roses. Second place Burim (26) He had to let go of grief.

The bachelorette is already talking about a wedding

Tonight, after a love affair, the couple encountered strange questions from the former bachelor Rafael Butel.

Did the two manage to save their relationship outside the borders of Greece? Dina smiles: “Yes, we’re still a couple.” as well as a hobbymusician or instrumentalist He agrees and kisses his beloved deeply.

Supervisor Beutl watches what happens for a few seconds without saying a word. Then he interrupts the lovebirds somewhat awkwardly: “You can carry on then.”

And the bachelorette goes better after the sacrificial attack. When Rafael asked how things are going for them, the 29-year-old replied with a wink: “We can finally show ourselves in public and do something outside our four walls. Then he comes wedding … “Girl’s face!

“that was jokeHe asks Cyril to be on the safe side. “Of course,” Dina reassures him slightly awkwardly.

After all: the cook is sure to actually get Dinas Mami’s blessing. On an outing together, she would take care of her son-in-law at Spe.

Did Dina choose the right person?

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