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Bachelor 2022: Kenny Lyman and Chiara Russo are not a married couple


Just a week ago, Kenny Lyman and Chiara Russo looked totally in love on TV.

It’s over before it starts! Bachelor’s Kenny Lyman (26) and winner Chiara Russo (24) are already going their separate ways. Because while it all ended romantically in Thailand, the two returned to Switzerland on hard ground. “When we got back, it was very different,” says The Bachelorette in a 3+ talk.

His winner is more specific: Kenny Lyman’s interest has evaporated within a very short period of time. For three weeks, he barely had contact with Chiara Russo. They just happened to see each other at the exit. The bachelor also canceled a meeting with her at short notice. Three days later, Lyman rejected the “Bachelor” winner on a voice memo.