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AWO President looks forward to Marie Gotchaks-Platz in Duisburg

AWO President looks forward to Marie Gotchaks-Platz in Duisburg

(Photo: AWO)

Duisburg. Manfred Dietrich, President of the AWO District Association, received a distinguished guest at the AWO-Kranichhof

The president was impressed. Michael Gross, the newly elected head of Germany’s Federal Presidency for Workers’ Welfare in June, visited AWO Duisburg. Duisburg AWO President Manfred Dietrich and Bettina Vootz, AWOcura’s authorized signatory, informed the distinguished guest during his two-hour “inaugural visit” about a variety of offerings for the area’s association of nearly 3,000 members and more than 800 employees. The Duisburg AWO invited the man who heads the social welfare association with more than 312,000 members across the country to the AWO-Kranichhof. Michael Gross of Marl heads the Presidium of the Federation with Catherine Sonnenholzner.

The two Social Democratic members of the Bundestag, Barbel Bass and Mahmut Ozdemir, came to Wainheimerort with Michael Gross. Manfred Dietrich explained the on-site visit option: “The AWO-Kranichhof is a good example of what we do as an association and make it possible here in Duisburg. A large center in AWOcura belongs to the Quarter. We provide accommodation service for seniors. There is an outpatient care office in the city center South Duisburg is here, and so is AWO’s emergency home number. Not to be forgotten: AWO Family Education enables people of all ages to play, learn and experience.”

Typical work of AWO in Duisburg

Michael Gross thanked him for the invitation and explained that it was important to him what WWF was doing on the site. Duisburg AWO is a fine example of the association’s commitment to people of all ages and different cultures. He added: It is not enough to know that. It is important that you see this and experience it in person.

Bettina Votz was delighted with this interest: “Our guest listened carefully, asked interested questions and really wanted to know how and why we do our work the way we do.” Elizabeth Weber, an employee of AWOcura, introduced the concept of a living service for seniors in front of. Manfred Dietrich noted that Duisburg AWO is actually expanding this area. Housing projects similar to those at AWO-Kranichhof in Wanheimerort in Rheinhausen and Laar will be built over the next two years.

The exchange with Lisa Muller-Arnold, AWO’s Director of Education for Family Education, developed into an almost technical discussion. Michael Gross, who himself worked for years as the director of the AWO department in the Münsterland-Recklinghausen region, explained the concepts and ideas to him. This also included the federally funded Multigenerational Home Program. Learning care, which primary school children benefit from, is just one of many bridges between young and old.

Street sign for AWO’s birthday

Manfred Dietrich also had some good news ready to welcome them. Duisburg gets Marie-Gotchaksplatz at Rheinhausen. For years, AWO Duisburg has been campaigning for the city to honor the founder of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt accordingly. Project of the new building of the association in Rheinhausen with apartments for the elderly, two shared apartments for dementia, one

The day care for seniors and the childcare center of the future will find their home in Marie-Juchacz-Platz.

The street sign will be attached in time. It’s a birthday present in a way. Duisburg AWO is celebrating its anniversary this year. Exactly 75 years ago, in October 1946, the District Association was reestablished after the Nazis banned worker welfare in 1933.

In the end, Manfred Dietrich issued an invitation. At the opening of the new home in Marie-Juchacz-Platz, we welcome Michael Gross as our guest of honor.