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Aviation - dangers to aircraft?  The USA wants to delay the introduction of 5G - Economy

Aviation – dangers to aircraft? The USA wants to delay the introduction of 5G – Economy

Washington (AFP) – The US government is pressing for a slight delay in the introduction of high-speed 5G mobile internet due to potential risks to aviation.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and FAA Aviation Administration chief Steve Dixon have appealed to network operators AT&T and Verizon to postpone the planned January 5 filing for a maximum of two weeks. In addition, the introduction of the so-called C-band – that is, a certain frequency band – around important airports should be restricted until the end of March in order to have enough time at the airports for necessary tests and updates.

Buttigieg and Dixon wrote on Friday that “widespread and unacceptable disturbances” in air traffic threaten without delay, especially in bad weather and poor visibility. They warned that this could lead to the diversion and cancellation of many flights and thus have a rapid impact on the entire air traffic.

The Federal Aviation Administration fears 5G technology will interfere with some aircraft electronics. In particular, the effects on aircraft radio altimeters should be checked, the Federal Aviation Administration announced shortly before Christmas. The reason is that the radio frequencies that will be used in the United States for the 5G network are very close to those also used for aircraft altimeters. Telecom companies have acquired the rights to use radio frequencies for billions of US dollars and are counting on rapid commissioning.

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